Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things that make me happy today

-Getting a call first thing in the morning from a massage patient telling me the massage I gave them the day before made them feel like a new person. The call was my Hallmark card!

-Making my own laundry soap at $1 per 5 gallons thanks to the Duggar family recipe. Can't wait to try that out tomorrow after it sets.

-Clean sheets on my bed.

-A beautiful walk in the morning from bringing my truck to a great mechanic in town so I can open my door again from the inside.

-A friend who offers to drive me to get my truck so I don't have to walk far again.

-Spending time with Marlee in the front yard and getting fun pictures with Bokeh and good catchlights in my photos!!!

-Hearing Max and Naomi's presentations this morning on their research project. Max did soccer which his picture had a boy kicking a ball at the other boys head:) Naomi did Seahorses and drew a mommy and daddy seahorse with almost one hundred babies!

-Knowing what is for dinner-Tacos.
-Looking forward to Max and Naomi's Music program this afternoon.

-Plans to go to the park tonight for Noah's raingutter regatta race for cubscouts.

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