Friday, November 6, 2009


Levi on Halloween

Max is very proud of his findings!

Naomi loving the bigger and better pumpkin.

Marlee thinking very hard about her pumpkin. I love that face she pulls when she is thinking about something.

Stud Muffins.

Carved and proud of them!

Marlee's new favorite place.

My eight year old sweetheart.

I love your sweet tender eyes. You have such a loving heart and a great spirit within you my dear Noah.

I love to capture your joy in playing in the leaves. This photo is so you-dressed up and really into what you are doing.

Marlee discovering that leaves are a lot of fun!

Daddy is very proud to be feeding Levi his first bottle. We got a break with this little guy-he sucks it down without a problem!

This is the scene from my kitchen many days. I caught Marlee checking out her little brother here. Levi loves being on the floor watching Marlee and me do our work in the kitchen. He is very content in this place as long as Marlee doesn't step on him.