Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Marlee, Leah, Audrey, Naomi

6 months (a few weeks ago)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my little spitfire

Where shall I begin.
-you love to hit people now
-you destroy any drawing or paper if you can find a pencil
-you colored on the wall with your crayons
-you broke my sunglasses
-you had been drinking bubbles until this weekend when you learned to blow them
-you like to scream
-you have the great laugh of a true little stinker
-you run to me anytime you get hurt and bury your head in me
-you are starting to play with Levi and bring him toys on your own
-you are talking more-which for many words is making up your own way of saying it
-you lick the front door when it is steamed over
-you sat in the goal in the middle of Max and Naomi's soccer game
-you smile whenever you are into trouble
-you love to look at my blog and say everyones name
-you say "hiye" and "byee" to everyone you see
-you do not like to swing
-you are a VERY messy eater still
-you LOVE Dora and would wear your Dora shirt every minute if I let you
-you love to be in my space
-you sing our rocky baby song and rock side to side

you did this...

when I was supposed to be watching more of this.

you love to bring me fwowas, but only one at a time