Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy 3rd birfcake marlee girl

today marlee is 3. honestly i don't know how three years happen so fast. she is my little sidekick. the one that can be a stinker then say "i'm sorry mahmmy" and gives me a big hug. she is fun to have conversations with-you never know what is coming out of her mouth. minnie mouse and daisy duck are her little friends. she is almost all potty trained. she loves to craft with me now and really loves to cook and mix things up(and lick the bowl). one joyful little girl.
marlee the day before she was 3. helping bake her cake

our yearly photo the night before your birthday-2011

the night before your 2nd birthday-2010

you are always smiling-your 2nd birthday-2010

1 year old-2009

first days-2008