Monday, January 21, 2013

the fear...

her fear will go away at some point from all this. changing the site for her pump is the worst. i can take off the old and prep everything for the new but attaching it to her body is her fear right now. and it breaks my heart. especially when she tells me she doesn't want this thing hooked up to her body. i get it in with a lot of crying on her part then yelling at me that she wants to go back to shots. i hate that i have to do it at all. the tears thankfully don't last for long. by the time we had to suspend it for her to get in the shower she tells me the site looks like a boat. i am so thankful that she can find humor in it! marlee's blood sugars have been great for the first week of being on the pump. it has freed us of constant shots. i still think of how young she is and how much she has gone through in 8 months. soon my little sweetie will be 5. i feel she was robbed of some of her 4th year and has been forced to grow up quickly. and often i know that God made her with such sunshine in her personality that he is going to do big things for her because of diabetes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

day 2 on the pump

so, the night was a little rough with a low of 65 and 86. had to give marlee a juice box 2x during the night but she didn't remember a thing. i checked her blood sugars five times between 10pm and 6:45am. long night for mommy but great #s this morning. the whole day was really good with the pump. a few lows but our educator helped me adjust the pump numbers to marlee's needs. i just have to say what a blessing this is already. there is so much freedom and the shots will be rare. i have to tell you the best part of today was punching in marlee's carbs on her insulin pump then placing it back in her pouch and having her ask me "mommy, don't you need to give me a shot?" and my response being "NO, i just have to push a few buttons" and having her face light up with a hugemongous smile and saying "oh, cool" how awesome is that! and i say pretty awesome... i love this little girl. God sure made her with much joy in her heart!

Monday, January 14, 2013

pump life

7 months since diagnosis and we are now live on the insulin pump! it seems like forever ago and just like yesterday. i can still remember life before diabetes. it was so uncomplicated. just have to hope and pray that the pump will uncomplicate marlee's life more. so amazed at how well she takes this all in stride. i learn a lot watching her live so happy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a new beginning...

so, we are on saline on the pump since last friday. amazingly it has gone really well. the most awesome thing is that marlee absolutely LOVES it. even with the saline. she is bummed that we are going to take it off for a few days until we get the insulin for it in a week and a half. we are still doing her shots but she has already become attached to it! praise God for that! He has blessed marlee with such an amazing attitude and a sweet spirit to deal with all this. and it is going to be so much easier and accurate-gotta love that. i am just excited about this. i am not fearful which is pretty amazing-and how could i be with a 4 year old so looking forward to this:) God-You are so so good...