Tuesday, January 15, 2013

day 2 on the pump

so, the night was a little rough with a low of 65 and 86. had to give marlee a juice box 2x during the night but she didn't remember a thing. i checked her blood sugars five times between 10pm and 6:45am. long night for mommy but great #s this morning. the whole day was really good with the pump. a few lows but our educator helped me adjust the pump numbers to marlee's needs. i just have to say what a blessing this is already. there is so much freedom and the shots will be rare. i have to tell you the best part of today was punching in marlee's carbs on her insulin pump then placing it back in her pouch and having her ask me "mommy, don't you need to give me a shot?" and my response being "NO, i just have to push a few buttons" and having her face light up with a hugemongous smile and saying "oh, cool" how awesome is that! and i say pretty awesome... i love this little girl. God sure made her with much joy in her heart!

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