Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miss Marlee

She is walking!!! Marlee definatitely takes her own time probably because she likes everyone else to do things for her. Today she is walking across rooms to me and then off to get what toy she wants. When she gets to where she is going or falls down she laughs and looks for us because she is so proud of what she has accomplished! The other kids love it when she walks. They get so excited and if I am not in the room they run in to tell me "Mommy, Marlee just walked from the big couch to the little couch!" They just make me smile because they love all her little milestones so much.

Little Miss likes to take her socks off now too. She thinks it is the funniest thing ever to rip them off her feet. So, when she takes me her shoes I usually have to go on a search for her socks, and that is no easy thing. Marlee loves to go outside which we haven't done too much because she is ripping up her pants from crawling on the ground. She loves to watch the kids out the window and is constantly trying to pull the screen door open. We will be running around soon! I can't wait till she is more free to see what she gets into in the great outdoors!

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Erica Shier said...

Can I tell you, though, that I don't envy you keeping up with an 18 month old and taking care of an infant...though I suppose that after twins, nothing much scares you anymore!