Tuesday, June 12, 2012

diabetes class 2

today i sat in the 3 hour diabetes class 2. it was a lot of numbers and math and now another way of doing marlee's insulin. i know i will figure it out but i just sat through it trying not to have a panic attack. marlee has been doing so great and now we can incorporate more snacks that she would like and not have to tell her no when she wants something. the downside of that is more shots. she did her first one in her belly tonite and did great. she also poked her own finger to take her blood sugars. she takes great pride in getting her blood sugar machine all set up and ready to go. she loves to tell us how to do it! since we have started this journey i have focused on the everyday needs for marlee. just in the past few days i have started to be more concerned about her future. i fear our economy and pray we will never have to deal with an insulin shortage. this is something marlee can't live without. i know God provides and he has also let us to be smart and stock up on supplies we use. i have kevin to thank for that. i am concerned about her being left with other people. i left to go shopping with naomi the other day and was shaking as i walked out the door. i had no doubt kevin could handle her for a couple of hours but fear and uncertainty stirred in my soul. it was not a good place to be. i prayed for my heart to be calm and to trust the process. and of course they did fine without me. this is a lesson on my heart. i am learning to be more organized, be flexible, and be calm. i am not great at these yet but have realized that this is where i need to put my energy into.

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