Friday, September 11, 2009


Marlee is attached at my waist since the kids left for school this week. She loves to help me clean up, sit with me and play, read books, and dance while watching Country Music Television videos. I love experiencing her little personality grow. She is absolutely obsessed with babies-from pictures of them anywhere to the new baby room and the basket full of clothes to be washed. She just keeps saying "baby" over and over again. She also picks up stuff from everyone else in the family and will say "Dada, Max, Na(for Noah and Naomi), Mama" for each thing she gets her hands on. I am so blessed that she is mostly very content and extremely smiley and happy!

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Laura said...

OK - I seriously DO NOT think she could be any cuter. Gosh those teeth are simply adorable!!!! Great photo of her personality!!!! Glad she likes babies - hopefully that'll continue when the newbie arrives :)