Thursday, July 23, 2009


that I am so grateful the TV isn't on and you have all found something to occupy your time creatively. You have all calmed down from fighting and arguing on your own. There are times when all you three do is nit pick and fight and get emotional because things aren't going your way and I have to step back and let you figure it out(which is not my natural instinct). My desire for you all is to be good at resolving conflict on your own and not needing me to figure it all out for you. It is not easy for me to stay out of it but I want you to be your own individual person and figure life out as we have instructed you so far. I love that you boys have legos and take time to create a ship together. I love that Naomi colors a picture and tells me not to peak because it is a suprise. This is one of the many times that I am reminded we have such great kids.

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