Friday, July 31, 2009


It was your special day. You and I got to leave after lunch and start our time away going to the 3-D G-Force movie. It was awesome. You loved the big robot monster and the guinea pig ball cars. Darwin was your favorite guinea pig character. We checked into our hotel then left for Toys R Us for a lego set. You picked out a Power Miners set that you put together over dinner at the Macaroni Grill. The kind servers name was Kevin and he gave you a big bowl of ice cream after dinner! You loved it. We made a stop at Meijer and I bought you your own first Bakugan which you couldn't stop gloating about. After we returned to the hotel we went swimming. It was cold at first so we went in the hot tub. After getting overheated there we decided the pool felt better and we had the whole thing to ourselves. It was the first time I have been swimming in quite a while and it felt good to get in the water. It was great fun racing across the indoor to outdoor connected pool and watching your confidence grow as you kicked your feet so hard to beat me to the other side(with your floaty on of course). You loved the pool but you really enjoyed the hot tub.

A few things you asked me from the time we left home
MAX:Do we have to sleep together at the hotel?
MOM:No honey, unless you want to.
MAX:Good, I don't want to sleep with you.

MAX:I am glad it is just you and me. I always fight with Noah.

MAX:Do you think Naomi and Noah are wondering what we are doing right now? (I was asked this several times)

We laughed about the stupid dogs that were barking in the other room, and I tickled you when you were playing the give me five up high and down low game. We checked out your teeth and noticed both of your top "buck teeth" not butt teeth are loose:)
We bought a new Scooby movie so after getting ready for bed you made yourself very comfortable on your bed with some water and Cheerios mix and the laptop on your belly. After two episodes we turned Scooby off and were ready for lights out. You told me you weren't tired but 2 minutes after the light was out you were sound asleep. Now I am listening to you breathe and praying you have deep dreamfilled sleep.

I can tell you are really concentrating on something when your tongue is out of your mouth like this.

Saturday morning we walked around the hotel to take pictures. You had to go up to the top floor then down all the steps. Thankfully it was only 4 stories down. We had an agreement that mommy had to do a bit of shopping today since Friday was all about you. I got new sandals and then found fabric for the new baby room. We went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch because you love to throw the peanut shells on the floor. It was funny watching you do that because you would first look to see if anyone was watching you then wipe your pile on the floor.

You are such great company and I really enjoyed spending 24 hours in just your company. I love to see your uniqueness which makes me love and appreciate you all the more. You have a great heart and you are totally a momma's boy. I know that when you are driving me crazy the most I need to slow down and spend time with you. For some reason that settles you. I love you for the wildness you bring into my heart.

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Laura said...

Hi there!!! Great shots and it sounds like a wonderful much needed get away! I love the first bw of Max - it's adorable. He's so BIG and totally looks like a sweetheart! I want that swimming pool in my house - how bout it? :)