Monday, January 25, 2010


My birthday was awesome. The kids gave me the Pioneer Woman cookbook and Kev gave me the Julia Child cookbook. I got beautiful flowers on Friday that the kids ordered with daddy. I opened the box up and set them out-when Noah got home he saw them right away and said "you opened your flowers? we were supposed to wrap them." He was so upset he brought himself to tears and I had to explain how they can't stay in the box or they would die. He is so caring and loving and it is so awesome to see how special that kind of a thing is for them to do for me. They all made me beautiful personalized cards and I got lots of hugs.
We headed to my parents house to drop the kids off so Kev and I could have lunch and do some shopping. To Joann of course! I am addicted to fabric and can't wait to get enough stuff done to open an etsy shop! Mom and the kids made a great fajita meal and I had hot fudge brownie sundaes for my cake. It was a wonderful evening with the family.
I was also spoiled by Tonya on friday night. She made a delicious lasagna dinner for the whole family with some great cakes from Arnie's. It was great to not have to cook a big meal for two days in a row! She also made me two beautiful pairs of earrings.
I am incredibly blessed with lots of people who love me and am so thankful to my hubby for taking the time with the kids to make it special.

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