Saturday, January 2, 2010


today my baby levi is 3 months old. oh how fast 3 months have come and gone. loving every time i get to hold the sweet baby, kiss his head, wipe his tears, and soak in his smell. loving his laugh, especially when i tickle his neck or listen to him laugh the most when i laugh with him. he spent his first nite away over new years with grandma and grandpa o. he adores all the kids and loves to look at them when he is awake. the movement of the big kids makes him kick his feet and make his sweet baby noises. naomi makes him laugh with all of her animal sounds. marlee likes to give levi his paci, cover him up with blankets, and pull the music toy on his seat. he is loved beyond measure.

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Laura said...

He is just darling. He really reminds me of you. And I can just smell that wonderful baby smell and feel his soft baby skin. He is such a sweet baby and you are so wise to enjoy and treasure this time.