Saturday, December 5, 2009


These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago in the middle of November. Our little Levi is growing like crazy. Around week 6 his eyes started turning very blue and he started waking up a lot more during the day. He likes to sleep in his bouncy seat yet because he is too gassy and burpy to lay flat. Levi is a great addition to our busy family because he is already used to the noise as he quite often sleeps in the middle of all of the big kids running around and being wild. Love to see that he fits right in! His blanket is the one I helped design and my mom made and the robot is the his first handmade thing from mommy.


Maria said...

Sweet boy!!!!

Tracie said...

o my...what a little love.(!!) Your homemade blanket and robot are so cute Amy Jo. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Love ya, Tracie

Laura said...

He is just darling! I adore the orange and green combination - such bright vibrant colors - just like you :)