Monday, June 1, 2009

One more BOY!

We were so blessed last week to have an ultrasound of the new baby with all of the older kids with us to find out that our #5 is a boy! He had his hands crossed over his head a lot so we couldn't get a good 3-D image or see his hands good. There was no problem telling he was a boy if you know what I mean:) It was fun to watch him move around which made it more real for the kids. I am fascinated with all the little bones and how they are so defined especially his hands and feet. Max was jumping for joy and saying "Yes" while Noah and Naomi were very upset that it wasn't a girl. I knew what each one wanted but didn't expect those reactions. A few days later though and Naomi is now praying at night for her new baby brother or the boy baby. I think she is just going to love having a little baby around again. Noah hasn't said much else but I think he is ok with it now. We have been very focused on building the boys a bedroom downstairs. Over the weekend the kids helped dig a hole for their new window so the builder can come on Thursday to install it. We have much painting and moving around of other rooms upstairs to make everyone fit. But, the progress is moving forward and that is exciting! Now we just have to pray Marlee will sleep in a big girl bed really soon so we don't need another crib. She is such a stinker that I think I may be dreaming. One can always hope.
On one other thought, Daddy is excited because now we have our own starting lineup and our own soccer team! Yeah for us!


Erica Shier said...

Congrats once again on the boy! I say my girls are going to be my bookends, holding the boys together....I guess your boys will be your bookends! I only wish I had some boy clothes to hand off to you! Oh well!

Laura said...

HOORAY for progress - Naomi is such a sweet helper. Love her Cubs shirt and seeing the frilly in her hair - the perfect blend of Tomboy/Princess! And I love seeing the sonogram pic!!!! I'm glad Max is so excited but it sounds like all the kiddos are getting on board with the new baby boy! :)